I like to watch how a sithe singernger handles himself on stage in front of a large crowd. Up there on that very stage, exists a mixed feeling of overwhelming excitement, sheer shrill and absolute uncertainty which has always drawn me near to the singing career and to the Entertainment industry. The scene can go either way; a singer can easily conquer this feeling and turn it into something groovy, or this feeling can also easily conquer the singer, and turn him into a mumbling zombie.

Yet, the passion for singing and the feeling of performing on stage in front of a crowd have never faded in me since my school days. I like being a singer, or at least to think that I am one, even though words of warning for eventual money worries and starvation were repeatedly stressed to alarm beginning artists the risks of great disappointment, deep depression and brutal hardship ahead along the journey to success. I am well aware of the reality that life is not easy for beginning artists. But, there are enough hardships told in the past about the struggles to becoming a successful recording artist already made known widely in the media. Having endured several hardships in life myself, I personally found musician friends especially beneficial. Musician friends are both beneficent and passionate bunch. They are brothers-in-arms.

I have held many posts for numerous companies in the past that offered decent income at the end of the month. Contemplated changing my dull routine life, on one fine day I finally left behind my previous ‘practical job’ for a more ‘sensible job’; a sensible job that gives sense to my life, which not only satisfies myself and other people but at the same time rewards myself accordingly. From that time onwards, I started singing relentlessly, participating in arts and theatre enthusiastically and joining clubs and societies actively. I sing for money, for fame and for fun-lifestyle reasons. Those are the reasons, points and virtues of the Entertainment industry.

I realized that I consciously grow as a singer solely because I remember many song-lyrics very well. Besides song-lyrics, names, people, event, time and date, I also remember the mood evoked by each song when it first came out from the radio. I believe that I was endowed with skill to memorize things well enough simply due to my affinity for telling a story. To tell a telling story however I believe does not come from deliberate observation on people but instead from a genuine interest in people. Socialization indeed, increases one’s memory power.

In the Entertainment industry, one can go places and meet a lot of interesting people from varying background and strata, and be there on the stage in a pack of musicians, dancers, backup singers, technical crews and entertainment personnel, waiting for the night to be. I am fortunate to be part of this happy family in this colourful picture which memory will be long remembered. Those who are in the know will appreciate it.

For more than 16 years, I have involved in the music, arts and entertainment business. Here are my list of experience and fortes:-

¤ Band Leader and Lead Singer for Fieldplayers

¤ Actor, Emcee, Lyricist & Theatre Director

¤ Jurulatih Seni Budaya Negara (JSBN1050)

¤ Trainer for Disables’ (OKU) Rhythm Dynamic Programme (Soft Skill Training)

¤ Curator for Riau Hitam Putih Int. Music Festival (Indonesia)

¤ Voice Dubber for Disney & Nickelodeon Channel

¤ Script Translator for Animations Series.


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  1. aYi3
    May 15, 2013 @ 16:02:25

    You da’ man Jart!


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