It’s been a while since I last updated my blog and I hope it’s not too late for me to write about the new Apple Sheesha coz they have already around for a few weeks now. Well, whataya know, my latest blog is still about sheesha. Guess I’m really addicted now..hahahaha. Enough babbling, about this new and re-invented Apple Sheesha, as you can see the logo has been re-design. It is now much more striking and eye catching even though it’s too reddish for me personally. But as long as it preserved the same ‘spirit’, why not, right? And the most important element that I wanted to highlight for this article actually is the shop itself. Check this out!!

The Re-Invented Apple Sheesha

Don’t get confused!! They did not moved to another place! It is still situated at the famous Dagang Avenue Foodcourt. You can easily see it from the parking area. But what most important, it is still run by the two maestros in shisha mixing; OJ and BOY and the shisha still taste the same. So don’t you worry about that and oh ya, the price! As stunning as the Apple Sheesha new look, it couldn’t be better than the price that remains the same….great, right?

Apple Sheesha also offers their own special mix flavor that every shisha lover should give it a try. Some of it are 7even Sky, Pablo Honey, Sunsweet Plum and the latest mix invented is Two n Fro. Now that’s what makes Apple Sheesha so special. Because the maestros are always trying to give their best to the customer by inventing new kind of mix every now and then and it becomes their signature.

But that’s not all, the all new and re-invented Apple Sheesha will not only offers you a refreshing shisha treat but in the not so long future to come,  snacks will be brought in into the package. In other words Apple Sheesha will be known as Apple Sheesha n Snack!!

So grab your gears and head on to Dagang, Ampang for a shisha experience..oh ya..almost forgot..and snack experience that you will not regret!! See you all there!

OJ and his new Apple Sheesha shop

OJ in front of his new Apple Sheesha shop