Are you a shisha lover? I guess a lot of KLian today have become shisha lovers, and myself included. It just the feeling of inhaling that sweet fruit flavoured smoke that really kicks it! (grape + mint is my favorite now..hehehehe). And it gets a lot of people addicted to it. But for me shisha isn’t just puffing the white clouds, it’s about hanging out and have a blast with friends and colleagues. More than that, it connected us to a larger community. For me, after six (6) months of puffing the magic dragon, I have met and connected with a lot of people from different areas of life. It really opens up my perspective and I get to discover a lot of opportunities just by sharing my experience with them. Furthermore, now we have become one community with various backgrounds and experience and we have a lot of activities lining up throughout the 2010!! Isn’t that great!!!

Enough say, what I would like to share with you guys is about a shisha place that I think is the BEST SHISHA IN TOWN. Manage by two (2) experts in shisha mixing whom are OJ and BOY. I dare to say it because I have tried at many shisha place before (just to make my analysis), but their mix reign the best!



The two maestros put their craftmanship of flavour mixing to the finest. Doesn’t matter whether you are first timer or regular shisha smoker, you will experience a soothing refreshment of shisha puff from their midas touch. With a wide varieties of flavors from Al Fakher, Apple Sheesha will guarantee your satisfaction of a shisha refreshment with a reasonable price plus you can also enjoy Malaysian foods at the same time because it is inside the most happening food court in town (better than hanging in the arab restaurants just for a shisha and some more you have to dine with their cuisines, like it or not).

So guys, get your lungs ready for the really good taste of what I would like to call as ” Shisha the Malaysian style!!”. See you all there..